MuseumPix Services

Museums are increasingly seeking retail opportunities to enhance the visitor experience and create new revenue. Photo concession opportunities are a popular and growing solution, providing an interactive experience and new museum-specific merchandise. Many museums, however, are reluctant to invest the capital needed to develop staff and run an independent photo concession operation.

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MuseumPix provides museums with photographic concession products and services, including original photo art and the hiring, training and supervision of personnel, allowing for the generation of additional retail revenues by museums without the financial risk associated with a self-run model. MuseumPix maintains a web portal through the museum's website where customers can order additional products at any future date.

The MuseumPix experience is comprehensive. Beyond green screen technology, guests are immersed in the exhibition through the use of themed backdrops and props created specifically for each exhibition, along with costumed actors who invite guests to become part of the exhibition. MuseumPix staff will welcome them to the retail area at the exhibition’s end where highly trained associates invite guests to view the photos and other creative products designed to enhance their memories.

With its experienced management team and important strategic partnerships, MuseumPix is positioned to become the leading operator of photographic operations for museums, science centers, and other highly regarded cultural attractions worldwide.

MuseumPix uses green screen photography to superimpose guests into a digital photo scene themed for the attraction. Custom graphics are produced and can be branded to include key elements from the attraction, logos, and more. Our staff then creates a variety of photo products using cutting-edge special effects such as morph and 3D to provide both a memorable keepsake, as well as an entertaining interactive experience.

Our progessional graphic design team can create eye-catching folios which offer an attractive way to store the photos safely, as well as provide additional photos and information about the exhibition or attraction.

Besides sales opportunities on location, MuseumPix uploads guests photos to an online store where customers may view and purchase additional prints and photo products after their visit. Guests are provided a unique photo ID card at entry, which can be used to locate photos both on location, and online.